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posted by Dante Schank

The PillO'Clock is a simple design that wakes its users comfortably and quietly in order to allow roommates to continue sleeping. The PillO'Clock is an affordable comfy memory foam pillow with a built in alarm that syncs to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. The default alarm is a gradual series of tones assisted by constant vibrations that will comfortably wake the user out of sleep. Each alarm can be set, turned off, and even snoozed through our free app that can be downloaded onto the users smartphone. The PillO'Clock is perfect for siblings, dorm-mates, and roommates of all types.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis

Pillow Pad
posted by Greg Affrunti

The Pillow Pad is a revolutionary new idea that will undoubtedly change the way people wake up in the morning. Does your roommate set his/her alarm to go off at a time you don't agree with? Does your partner wake you up in the morning with their alarm? Thanks to a small vibrating pad that fits under the backside of your pillow, and a nifty new smartphone app, your problems will soon go away. Once the alarm goes off the pad will quietly vibrate until you wake up.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Investors, Technology, Finance and Accounting, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Patrick Hehir

SwapIt is a smartphone app that allows people to exchange all contact and social media information at the touch of a button using Bluetooth technology. It eliminates the time consuming process of manually inputting contact and media information. It's perfect for meeting new people.

industry: Social Ventures, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Operations and Management

Present Pal
posted by Daniel Jordan

The Present Pal is an application that connects social media usersí likes and profiles to generate a suggestion list of products and services that the person may find interesting.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Research Partners, Investors, Market Analysis, Technology

Cafe Nova App
posted by Anne Alvarado

To avoid the long lines at Cafe Nova, the Cafe Nova App allows you to pre-order your food and even have it delivered right to you. You must download the app, enter your wildcard information, browse Cafe Nova's menu, and select your meal. You can use your MPE's and you will swipe your Wildcard when your food is delivered.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Technology

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