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posted by Joshua Corbett

Smartphones today are incredibly powerful and personal pieces of technology, bringing the world to your fingertips; why let your usage depend on your surroundings? That's why we're introducing the iCap, a phone case that not only protects your phone from damage, but also protects your screen from the environment. The case features a built-in pop-up protecter that brings shade to you wherever you are. With the other functions of the protector and the case, the iCap presents the perfection of mobile phone usage.

industry: Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Mentors, Investors, Legal Advice, Operations and Management, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Bryan Ramirez

Our phones have become an integral part of our lives. And nothing is more frustrating for us than when we are about to take that really important phone call and your phone dies! Luckily, when we encounter a situation like this one, we can feel rest assured that we’ll never have a similar problem again! We present the SolarCharge – the innovative new charger built right-into your phone case, giving you hours of charge using the freest source of energy – the Sun! Using micro-solar panel technology, we can harness the power of the sun and provide you with a safe, quick, and efficient charge.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Finance and Accounting

posted by Elizabeth Eby

Our downloadable app, SocialPedia, will make the process of connecting over social media smooth and efficient. SocialPedia will sync with the User’s contacts. When a User searches for a contact in SocialPedia, SocialPedia will generate a list of all the social media sites linked to that contact’s phone number. The User will then be able to select any of the social media sites listed, and connect with that contact then and there.

industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Communication Strategy

posted by Matthew Barra

A new product for rape and sexual assault prevention has finally been invented, called S.S.O.S, meaning Silent S.O.S. We have designed S.S.O.S to provide people who feel as if they are in potentially dangerous situations, with the ability to send out distress signals discretely and effectively. S.S.O.S is essentially a discrete micro bluetooth transmitter inside jewelry that transmits data to your smartphone or satellite GPS device. Once the device is on, one must press the button once every X amount of minutes in order to keep a distress signal from being sent.

industry: Social Ventures, Professional Services, Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Mentors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors

Book Buddies
posted by Nicholas Turenchalk

Book Buddies is a social networking app that will allow students to buy, sell, and exchange textbooks as well as help coordinate studying efforts. On this app students at various colleges would be able to find buyers for their textbooks at a reasonable price, and from the buyer's standpoint, they can get a book at a significantly lower price. The other half of the app would be devoted to helping students find people to study with. Each student would have an account were they would enter what class they're in and what teacher they have and they could find groups of people to study with.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Mobile Applications

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Technology, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management

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