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Join us for the next IdeaBounce® at Villanova on Monday, September 22 - 4:30pm in Bartley Hall Room 1011.

This event is open to everyone in the Philadelphia region.

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RITW provides convenience & safety for drivers of any car owning any smart phone. With RITW, a driver can keep eyes on the road & hands on the wheel... and still use the smart phone in his pocket. RITW is a smart phone controller within a steering wheel cover. Using buttons & sensors on the steering wheel cover, a driver can control features of his smart phone & apps on his smart phone. RITW is the only portable smart phone controller made for the car, & Smack Innovations has a patent & prototype. A demonstration of RITW's first app can be found here:

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy

posted by Brady Acton

Skychat is a company in the seed stage that will offer to the public an innovative, instant-messaging application for the smartphone and tablet platforms. In a unique and largely practical way, Skychat will amalgamate a "map" feature and a social network to give members a unique messaging experience. For more details on the functionality of the application, please email for an Executive Summary or full business plan.

industry: Social Ventures

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Edgard Hermes

INKPRO 360 is a new revolutionary professional way to refill major brand inkjet cartridge in home or offices. Our patented device is a stationary product that consist mostly of durable plastic and has no electronics involved. Our product could shake up $ 50 billions a year INK oligopoly. Companies now account for 30% of the world wide of this inkjet market. Users will buy the device one time with 5 refills ( the refill bottle are customize to our device and make it difficult for ink company to be compatible with ours.

industry: Information Technology, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy, Venue to Pitch Ideas

The Investors Exchange
posted by James Dowd

The Investors Exchange is a social media website that is designed to connect investors to one another and investment opportunities. At its core it serves as portfolio management tool set in an atmosphere where investors can openly discuss how to navigate the markets and conduct research. This website levels the playing field for the wall st outsider by developing dialogue to increase financial literacy. With Carl Icahn taking to twitter, its is time to create a social media site dedicated to finance. This not only for investors but for companies to better communicate with investors and clients

industry: Social Ventures, Finance and Investment, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Finance and Accounting

posted by Eduardo Esteves

Biotility’s business model is to convert waste streams into revenue producing energy streams by using a fuel comparable with coal when it comes to energy content and cost.

industry: Energy and Environment

needs: Team Members, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting, Venue to Pitch Ideas

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