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posted by Elise Marek

A big problem for startups is getting their product out there. We have created an app, called MarketMe, that puts these businesses into contact with college students who will help market their products. Letís say Iím a producer of back-packs. I will purchase MarketMe for a small fee and post a description of my backpacks. A college student can also purchase MarketMe and see descriptions of different products. If a student ďlikesĒ my product I can choose to send them a backpack free of charge. The student wears my backpack around her campus. She gets a backpack and I get a cheap promotion.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Mobile Applications

needs: Technology

Partum Financial
posted by Emily Davine

The main service we offer at Partum is to pair venture capitalists with startups. Our first branch is our startups consulting services. The price of our services is 5% of the startup. This is a viable trade for an emerging company who cannot afford paying for services. We can also help startups get acquired because of our relationship with large companies looking to buy in our Investing and Acquisitions branch. We would then receive a percentage of the profit from any acquisition. Our branches working together to create these deals is what makes us unique to any consulting or brokerage firm.

industry: Finance and Investment

needs: Mentors, Investors, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

posted by Christina McFelia

JukeU is a social music app for college students. This app allows you to put the music in your hands. In the "Select a Song" section of the app, users can submit their song as well as up-vote and down-vote other users' choices. At the end of the song currently playing, the number one song in the feed will be up next. The feed refreshes once the song is over, so you can submit a song every two to four minutes. Get the most up-votes, or play a lot of great songs, and watch your JukeU Beats rise against your friends.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Technology

Spread-N-Go Knife
posted by Kylie Chow

Have you ever gotten a bagel with a packet of cream cheese for breakfast and have forgotten to grab a knife? Or even if you do remember a knife, itís just too messy to juggle your bagel while spreading the packet of cream cheese on? The perfect solution to your problems is the mess-free, highly convenient Spread-N-Go Knife. Itís a disposable plastic knife with squeezable cream cheese built right in. So just peel back the foil seal, squeeze, spread, and enjoy!

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Product Development, Investors, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Jacy Pare

College students all around the world are encumbered by classes, studying, tests, and clubs. On top of this they are challenged with balancing all of their academic activities with a social life. When do these students have time to do their laundry? We have developed a new, innovative washing machine that washes, dries, and folds laundry all in one machine to help students save time. In addition, our washing machine has two compartments giving students the ability to wash whites and colors simultaneously. This reduces the amount of time needed to do laundry while saving energy.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship, Energy and Environment

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Operations and Management

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