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posted by Sean Doherty

What if there was a way to be able to rent a tool at little cost with minimal distance traveled and almost zero hassle? What if you were able to rent out an item to someone who is local but also someone you trust? If there was such a service, you would be able to save more money and add a stream of income on the side. That is why we have come up with a mobile application that provides a private network a way to catalog all of the items in their homes that they would be willing to lend out. This app would provide a huge service to college students living close together trying to live frugally.

industry: Social Ventures, Mobile Applications

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Lauren Herschberg

Our App Gladiator is a way for college students to be able to start pick-up games for any sport, anywhere on campus. Play a variety of sports from basketball to whiffel ball to frisbee to finding a running buddy. Pick a time and location on campus and other users will be able to see the games and join as they please. Users can also create a team of friends and play other teams in games or even tournaments run through the app. People can rate other players on their abilities and find new people to challenge in one-on-one games.

industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Mobile Applications

needs: Market Analysis, Technology

posted by Matthew Peterson

A platform (app/website) to connect drivers looking for parking with residents who have open spaces in their driveway. Residents may set their own flexible price on their driveway spot, and drivers can pay in advance to reserve it for a specific block of time. Payment is done directly through the app/website. Some rating system will be implemented for both parties involved. The target market will be in areas where there are large events, in beach towns, or anyplace where parking is scarce. Profits may come from in-app advertisements, and/or taking a percentage of what the resident charges.

industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Technology

Photographer find
posted by Thomas Plonski

Parties, vacations, sports games, and banquets are just some of the events that we all wish we could have photographed. Snapping quality photos however, is a hassle. This mobile app service will find nearby on-duty photographers who will act as the user's own personal paparazzi. Equipped with high quality cameras, photographers will be able to name their price as well as showcase sample work. Users will be able to select the photographer who fits their needs best and who will be on site quickly. Photographers will sign up for this service to find work allowing for a competitive market.

industry: Information Technology, Professional Services

needs: Investors, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Matthew Myers

LiftIE is essentially a smart gym. This project is a seamless add on to existing gyms that allows people to simply wear a smart band while working out with dumbbells; then, all the information that they need to track such as number of sets and reps for each exercise completed is stored and sent to a mobile application for each member to view and track.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship, Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Investors

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