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    Broskies Gear
    posted by Josh Migneco

    Broskies pumps out the most righteous sunglass straps known to man by using hand-crafted designs and premium materials

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Advisors, Product Development, Market Analysis

    World's best pickle

    I'm here to pitch the world's greatest pickling recipe,to revolutionize the pickle industry and how it is manufactured. Unfortunately, I will not be able to disclose any more information on this process until the pitch.

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Team Members

    Translation using crowdwourced IEC
    posted by Gabi Lipede

    Use collaborative evolutionary computation to translate and edit texts of varying size and complexity (e.g., print ads, monographs) in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost of current human editorial services.The resulting text will represent a local optimum: the best possible revision or translation of a given text relative to the aesthetic preferences of the target audience.This method pics up on textual features that are fatally dependent on evolving, human evaluations and therefore represents one potential defense against the wholesale displacement of human translators by AI.

    industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Minority Entrepreneurs

    needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Communication Strategy

    Senior stitches
    posted by AngelA Haas

    Seniors with depression or dementia of all ages stay active by making art and craft items that i will resell.

    industry: Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs

    needs: Team Members, Advisors, Investors

    Psychotherapy in Virtual Reality
    posted by Quintin Frerichs

    An effective technique for treating phobias in patients with panic disorders is called systematic desenstization, where the patient constructs a hierarchy of their phobia, with situations which would provide them with increasing amounts of anxiety. They then act out these elements of the hierarchy in therapy while practicing relaxation techniques to decrease their phobias. If this modeling could be done in virtual reality, as opposed to their imaginations, it would likely have much more effect.

    industry: Information Technology, Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Team Members, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Technology

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