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Students in the Fall 2015 Hatchery class may post their ideas here and "tag" them for the Hatchery, or post them directly to the site for the class: Hatchery Fall 2015

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    Magic Melter
    posted by Neon Electrons

    The patent pending Magic Melter is a portable, human-powered device that can be used to keep liquids warm or to melt snow into drinking water in an emergency. It is a cup with a sealed heating element, powered by a hand-crank generator. It could be used by everyday consumers to keep beverages warm. People who live in extreme climates, as well as extreme sports enthusiasts, could use the Magic Melter for personal safety.

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs

    needs: Mentors, Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis

    Here to Hear
    posted by malca fink

    It's come to my attention a few separate issues with accessing a decent audiologist.

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs, Design Entrepreneurship

    needs: Mentors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Communication Strategy

    The VirtualEngine - Live
    posted by Wendy Deibert

    I am going to launch the first DIRECT TO CONSUMER central monitoring center for health management across the continuum of care and at any stage in life. Format will leverage other services, products and sites to connect people, services and products based on any state of health. If you are healthy it may be as simple as coaching, reminders, and resources. If you are ill or have an ill family member is will help support, guide and navigate the caregivers or the patient through the process. If the situation is really challenging it will bring virtual care/monitoring to the home 24/7.

    industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Technology, Finance and Accounting

    Concert Trader
    posted by Joshua Moskow

    Concert Trader is a concert ticket transaction engine that gives people the luxury of purchasing tickets at a price that they feel comfortable with, without having to wait by their computer for the price to drop. Like a stock, a person sets the maximum price that they would pay for either a specific ticket, or for a range of tickets. If the ticket drops in price to the point that they would pay for the tickets, the software automatically purchases the ticket for the user. Once this platform is established, CT's platform would open up a full securities market to allow options/shorts.

    industry: Information Technology, Finance and Investment

    needs: Advisors, Technology

    posted by Andrew Glantz

    FoodShare is an iPhone App that transforms restaurants into social enterprises. Each time a user dines at one of the 50+ partnered restaurants, FoodShare donates a meal to someone in need through Operation Food Search. Users can then recommend the restaurant to friends with a photo of their food and a personal message through the App or Facebook to donate another meal!

    industry: Social Ventures

    needs: Mentors, Advisors, Investors, Legal Advice, Technology, Finance and Accounting

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