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    posted by Robert Chen

    Alzheimer’s disease is the greatest unmet medical need of our time, with more than 25 million people affected in the world and more than quadruple that by 2050. As a result, the backlog of patients at dementia clinics is growing, with average wait times ranging from 2-12 months. At Memento, we are developing a software platform to streamline dementia clinics by outsourcing key components of the clinical visit to the patient prior to their visit. The result: more patients able to see neurologists; new revenue streams for clinics; and a new standard for Alzheimer's and dementia diagnostics.

    industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures, Design Entrepreneurship

    needs: Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Technology

    CarSeat Tray
    posted by Angela Haas

    I have invented a carseat tray that not only fits on the car seat of infants and children but also connects to the car seat so that its not wrapped around the child. It is impact absorbant because it has air chambers for its main internal structure, yet it sturdy enough to hold a drink cup, snack, book, small tablet, toys etc. This item can also be removed from the car seat easily and used as a picnic table.

    industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Women Entrepreneurs

    needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors

    Convertible Child Carrier Backpack
    posted by Anna Stebbins

    This backpack differs from other child carriers in that it allows multiple functions within the same design envelope. A child's seat within a backpack converts into a collapsible stroller device, allowing parents to transition between transportation settings. This new child carrier design offers a simple alternative for parents to use a backpack carrier without having to commit their strength to all-day use, hence providing a necessary relief to hardworking parents and child caregivers.

    industry: Plant and Life Science, Women Entrepreneurs, Design Entrepreneurship

    needs: Mentors, Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice

    A novel, first in class, cancer immunotherapy
    posted by Russell Pachynski

    We have created a completely novel fusion protein that can be used in cancer immunotherapy in multiple tumor types. A significant issue with currently approved immunotherapies (e.g. checkpoint inhibitors like ipilimumab/yervoy) is activation of immune effector cells (such as cytotoxic CD8 T cells) without appropriate trafficking of these cells where patients need them most - IN THE TUMORS. This results in not only "on-target, off-tumor" side effects, such as life-threatening colitis, but also suboptimal efficacy. Our therapy targets tumor antigens and recruits these cells into the tu

    industry: Plant and Life Science

    needs: Advisors, Investors, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

    Yuppie Hunt Club
    posted by Greg Scharine

    Yuppie Hunt Club is an organization dedicated to helping young professionals connect with nature, and each other, through reintroduction to the classic sports of hunting & fishing. We are creating a community and brand for young urban professionals that breaks down barriers to entry into hunting and fishing and connects like-minded individuals. Millennials have been raised in a digital era, learning about their world online then later pursuing the physical experience -- think online dating. We plan to provide a digital, physical, and product experience tailor fit to a generation.

    industry: Information Technology, Retail and Consumer Products

    needs: Team Members, Advisors, Investors, Technology

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