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Welcome to the IdeaBounce® website for the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Washington University in St. Louis.  Since 2005, the IdeaBounce® site and events have helped early-stage entrepreneurs connect with each other and with the resources they need to help move their ideas forward.  In addition to this site for all ideas, we also host sites specific to the 2014 Olin Cup and the 2015 YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation CompetitionPlease note the welcome kit has not yet been updated for the 2015 YouthBridge Social Enterprise and Innovation competition, but you may click the links above to view the welcome kits from last year. 

We also make the IdeaBounce® website available to universities and community partners who wish to administer their own sites and host their own events.  Visit the following sites to see how others are using the IdeaBounce® concept and contact us at if you'd like your own! 

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Sustainable Pocket Community
posted by D. Karim Johnson

Harambee Properties was started in order to develop communities that connect and bring residents together in ways that many land development companies do not. Harambee Properties believes our approach to pocket communities is one of the solutions. We are not just buying land, building a few houses, and letting the cards fall where they may. We will start with the people, their skills, needs, and desires. Then we will develop the pocket community based on those strengths and needs, taking steps to ensure the community has the tools to adapt, maintain, and grow.

industry: Social Ventures, Minority Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Legal Advice, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting

posted by Joseph McDonald

GoPharma allows for prediction of pharmaceutical efficiencies for any patient given their medical history. GoPharma will be able to sell an algorithm in a software as a service model to healthcare insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers to help determine which pharmaceuticals they should reimburse for any disease.

industry: Information Technology

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Technology

Legacy ReLeaf Trees
posted by Donna Coble

Whether it's a Linden tree on the campus of Lindenwood, or your favorite childhood tree house, we all have a special memory of a favorite tree somewhere in our past. Thanks to Forest ReLeaf of Missouri's Legacy Trees social enterprise, now you can own a very special piece of living history by purchasing one of our pre-grown Legacy ReLeaf trees.

industry: Plant and Life Science, Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy

Hope for Homeless
posted by Beatrice Engel

H4H provides homeless people in the local Saint Louis area with some necessities as well as hope. For the organization we are working on making bags with high energy healthy snacks as well as lip balm and blankets that could help get local homeless people through the harsh winter. Many homeless people are in the situation they are in because of a disability, so the bag would have information on qualifications and how to apply for disability checks from the government. Also included would be a list of local homeless shelters and places hiring a a low level. Help us give the homeless hope.

industry: Finance and Investment, Professional Services

needs: Mentors, Advisors, Product Development, Investors, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

posted by Kuan Huang

CloneShare is an online platform that allows biological researchers to exchange their strains, from human cell lines to bacteria cells. Researchers often spend months to years building a strain with a certain genotype to enable their studies. However, the exact strains they need may have already been constructed by another lab. With CloneShare, researchers can actively show-case their own strains, as well as browse and find strains they need. The web site may host ads or charge a member fee. We believe CloneShare would largely facilitate collaborations in life science research.

industry: Plant and Life Science, Information Technology, Social Ventures

needs: Team Members, Advisors, Product Development, Market Analysis

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