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Rapid market growth needs demand. Recent dramatic cost drops of Solar PV, & extant incentives & depreciation are a “perfect storm” of opportunity. We have many flat roof structures w/ inefficient black roofs, adding to heat island & excess energy usage, ideal for solar. Untapped market exceeds current demand. I propose a disruptive change in awareness with an interactive resource mapping tool (similar projects NY,LA,Madison etc) to dynamically highlight energy savings & investment benefits of energy efficient roofs & distributed point-of-use solar electric generation on mapped resources.

industry: Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency, Green Building

needs: Team Members, Advisors, Research Partners, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Technology

What if we could solve the triple-barreled sustainability challenge in our region of 1) no survival plan for the next big shake on the New Madrid fault, 2) no billions in the bank to replace our aging centralized utilities and 3) no clear solution for rampant social fragmentation? Integral Ecovillages offer a unique opportunity to combine proven social, environmental and economic innovations to forge a sustainable future. We invite St Louis citizens to empower our local green economy instantaneously by moving your money to establish an Integral Eco-Innovation Fund.

industry: Energy Generation, Energy Efficiency, Recycling & Waste Management, Water Conservation, Green Building, Sustainabile Materials

needs: Team Members, Research Partners, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

Currently many households in the Republic of Haiti rely on wood fuel and charcoal as a fuel source for meal preparation. I propose 2nd gen cellulosic ethanol as a substitute. Bio-refinery plants that are modular and nodal by design would be cost-effective, reduce transportation cost of the feedstock and fuel, while avoiding the pitfalls of large bio-refineries. My goal is the gain the expertise to design such plants here in Saint Louis with the wealth of knowledge and expertise in the region and develop from the ground up resource site specific cellulosic ethanol plants.

industry: Energy Generation, Recycling & Waste Management, Sustainabile Materials

needs: Team Members, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Market Analysis, Technology, Communication Strategy

Green Giving
posted by Amos Kimani

There are many companies and individuals that have a lot of computer and electronic hardware that's either in storage awaiting disposal or laying around waiting for retirement. Sadly, most of this hardware ends up in dump-sites and only a small amount is recycled. If companies and individuals can organize to have this hardware donated to developing countries, it would save them the headache of dealing with disposal costs while at the same time helping developing countries be technologically savvy. This initiative would require a credible and reliable shipping company to coordinate transportati

industry: Recycling & Waste Management, Sustainabile Materials

needs: Team Members, Advisors, Research Partners, Investors, Legal Advice, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management

Waste and water will be two major commodities in crisis in the upcoming century and beyond. I propose a mobile material recovery facility to increase recycling and waste mitigation efforts for commercial and government use. The Waste Hog Mobile MRF will support effective large event cleanup, removal of difficult construction & demolition materials, improved commercial & industrial waste mitigation, collection of compost and any application which requires a safe environment for the manual separation of waste.

industry: Recycling & Waste Management

needs: Team Members, Investors, Operations and Management

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