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Welcome to the Ideabounce® site for Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College and St. Louis College of Pharmacy!

On Thursday, Oct. 20, Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College will partner with St. Louis College of Pharmacy and the Skandalaris Center at Washington University to host Ideabounce. This event brings students, faculty and staff together to discuss business ideas openly. Pre-selected idea "bouncers" will have the opportunity to pitch business ideas to a panel of judges comprised of local business leaders and entrepreneurs. An open-microphone session will give everyone an opportunity to contribute thoughts and suggestions.

Here is how it works:

·        Live pitches from 15-20 bouncers

·        Judged on Clarity of presentation, Passion of presenter, and Request for help (CPR)

·        3 winners receive $100 and a private after-reception dinner with judges for individual mentoring and advice

·        Networking reception following the event for all attendees

This is a free event. Students, faculty, staff and alumni of Goldfarb School of Nursing, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, and Washington University School of Medicine are invited to "bounce" ideas.

Registration starts at 5 p.m. Bouncing starts at 5:30 p.m.

Parking is available in the St. Louis College of Pharmacy garage located at 4531 Children's Place.

Click "post an idea" to share your idea.

Click "register for events" at the bottom of this page if you plan to attend the event.

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Bolly FM
posted by Sanan Juneja

All the Bollywood songs are equally popular in Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepali, and Sri Lankan populations. As per the Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2005 (estimates), the Asian Indian population in St. Louis is 8277 (10000 including the Indian subcontinent). Furthermore, this population is growing at an average of 106% per year. Though simple, the concept of a Bollywood has significant potential since there is no Bollywood FM in major US cities including St Louis. We would differentiate ourselves by keeping the focus on Indian Subcontinent population.

industry: Information Technology

needs: Mentors, Advisors, Market Analysis

Community Board Developers Consultancy (CBDC) provides a unique and rare chance for individuals to connect with grass root organizations. We assist in the placement of civic-minded individuals on boards of organizations that are innovative in their approach to succeed with their mission, progressive in their thinking and are ready to join with other individuals, passionate and committed to the mission and the greater good of our community. We conduct trainings for board of directors especially those new to board ship and ready to do the work to achieve the organizational goals.

industry: Plant and Life Science, Information Technology, Industrial Technology, Social Ventures, Finance and Investment, Professional Services, Minority Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs, Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Advisors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Technology, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Operations and Management

Cherokee Street Farmers Market
posted by Mark Bohnert

The Cherokee Street area in St. Louis experiences much poverty and is classified as a “food desert”, according to the USDA. Low-income consumers have difficulty accessing fresh, affordable produce and low-income youth lack employment skills. The Community Arts and Movement Project and South City Global propose the Cherokee Street Farmers Market as a social enterprise to target low-income residents as consumers and present at-risk youth and refugees the opportunity to grow food and sell it at the Farmers Market to learn entrepreneurial skills.

industry: Social Ventures, Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Mentors, Advisors

SOMA pediatric sports medicine
posted by Leon Scott

SOMA pediatrics provides youth athletes with a medical home which integrates their needs for recurrent, high-value primary care, sports medicine and sports performance services.

industry: Professional Services, Minority Entrepreneurs

needs: Team Members, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Technology

REED: A Dynamic Anatomy Learning Tool
posted by Jeremy Missuk

Anatomy is arguably the most stigmatized and frustrating class for a student in any health profession. It's more than just getting used to the smell of the lab or the first cut of a dissection-it's the process of learning the material that makes Anatomy difficult. Memorizing material doesn't give you a full appreciation of the relationships between structures. Pictures in textbooks shrink a 3D system into two dimensions. Skeletons marked with origins and insertions lack the very structures they represent. Why not combine all three of these teaching tools into one definitive, dynamic product?

industry: Plant and Life Science

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Finance and Accounting

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