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GI Tickets Foundation
posted by Peter Sollecito

We are an established Villanova-founded/operated 501(c)(3) that looks to give back to our active duty military personnel by providing them with tickets to premium sporting events and concerts. We have some expansionary ideas that can only be executed with a proper technological education (which we, unfortunately, lack). Basically, we are looking to create an online platform where tickets can be electronically donated from institutions or season ticket-holders to active duty military personnel.

industry: Information Technology, Social Ventures

needs: Legal Advice, Technology

Toolbox for Teachers
posted by Joanna Schwartz

Hi everyone! About a year and a half ago, I started an organization called Toolbox for Teachers. This series of trainings for educators addresses the need to prevent teacher burnout and to understand the unique social emotional needs of children affected by trauma and adverse childhood experiences. The trainings were inspired by my background as both a teacher and a counselor. I recently won a competition on MSNBC for this work and have done several trainings but would love mentorship around web presence, crowd funding and turning my sole proprietorship into a non-profit!

industry: Social Ventures

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Legal Advice, Technology, Communication Strategy, Finance and Accounting, Venue to Pitch Ideas

Teen Insight Exchange
posted by Justice Bennett

We are all too familiar with the situation, a bunch of adults making decisions about teenagers who think they get teenagers and what they need. They theorize they observe they think ďIíve got it.Ē Businesses all over the world are losing money every single day because of this. Iím just going to say it, adult marketing executives just donít know teens. The solution, Teen Insight Exchange. A marketing consulting firm run by teens! My company serves as the TIE between companies and the teenage mind. At the bottomline, teens know teens best, so put the marketing in the hands of the teens.

industry: Professional Services, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members

Orthosonic Lift
posted by David Colasante

This patented technology uses sound waves to aerodynamically suspend over 1 lb. with just 0.5 watts of power. That's nearly 5,000 times as efficient as the thrust of a modern jet engine! It's also surprisingly quiet. The method achieves required energy density by restricting the sonic field to a very thin plane between a flat wing and a deflecting surface (track). The vehicle hangs airborne under the track and has the mobility of an air hockey puck. It's highly scalable (up or down) and is envisioned as an alternative to maglev for mass transit, and for ceiling and wall crawling robots.

industry: Design Entrepreneurship, Energy and Environment

needs: Mentors, Research Partners, Investors, Technology, Venue to Pitch Ideas

posted by Brian Kim

BreadHelper is a resource app that can help you find the assistance needed to address the various struggles of life. Anyone looking for help in one of four categories (medical, legal, transportation, and property) can use this app to find the best business in terms of price, location, and hours. This app offers additional features such as a personalized chat session and a knowledge base. We hope to provide a platform for both people and small businesses to help each other out in these difficult times.

industry: Social Ventures, Professional Services, Mobile Applications

needs: Mentors, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Operations and Management

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