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Please join us for the ICE Challenge IdeaBounce® on Wednesday, November 16, 2016, at 5:00pm in Driscoll Auditorium.

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Sweet Fields
posted by Andreas Lezis

Sweet Fields is a start-up nonprofit organic farm and sustainability center in Norristown Farm Park, a public park and working farm in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Our project addresses two major problems in the area: food insecurity and access, and hands-on learning experiences for economically disadvantaged youth. Our organic farm, which offers work shares, accepts SNAP benefits, and will implement innovative distribution methods will address the food desert. Our sustainability center will address the educational needs of the community. Please consider donating:

industry: Social Ventures

needs: Research Partners, Market Analysis, Technology, Venue to Pitch Ideas

Wildcat Wagon
posted by Michael Gillen

The WIldcat Wagon is ready to take your order! The Wildcat Wagon is not just a typical food truck full of delicious food, snacks, and beverages, it is a food truck that listens to its customers! With the Wildcat Wagon comes the WildcatWagonApp. This free, interactive app allows anyone to "reserve" the WIldcat Wagon for a period of time at any given place on campus. The truck's location can also be tracked at any given time to determine where it is on campus. Any club, activity, or event can reserve the Wildcat Wagon to enhance their experience! So let the Wildcat Wagon serve your eve

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Operations and Management

posted by Andrew Bernett

Have you ever been at the library cramming for a test or paper and realized your phone or computer battery was almost dead and you didn't have your charger? Fear no more; UCharge Vending Machines have your back. With UCharge, simply stop at one of our vending machines, rent the charger you need with your Wild Card, and return it by the end of the day! We provide it, UCharge it.

industry: Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Technology

Pavilion Mobile
posted by Jacob Huber

Pavilion Mobile is a revolutionary smartphone app that completely re-imagines the lottery process for basketball tickets here at Villanova. The app immediately prompts the user upon download to create a profile that contains vital information. The lottery system will be incorporated into the app, and ticketed students will see their passes when they open the app. The app connects "buyers" and "sellers" through an innovative messaging platform that is safe. When entering the stadium, the app will have a detailed map of the Pavilion, as well as possess the ability to connect

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Investors, Technology

Stew n' Brew
posted by Michael Larsen

In todayís fast-paced world, people seldom find time to make nutritious, tasty meals. From houses with children to break rooms and college dorms, there is a need for something new to solve this problem. That is why we have developed the Stew Ní Brew. The Stew Ní Brew redefines an instant coffee maker by allowing you to brew both coffee or soup in one appliance with recyclable multi-sized pods. Our machines create premium, healthy soups in minutes and eliminate the time and hassle of soup cleanup.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Team Members, Mentors, Research Partners, Product Development, Technology

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