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posted by Vinny Biasi

QuickPrint is an instant printing source that connects straight to your tablet, PC, or Mac via Bluetooth. It is portable, measuring just 9.5 inches by 2.5 inches. All you need is a sheet of paper, 4 AA batteries, and a flat surface. Designed for an easy on-the-go experience, just put the printer on a flat surface, feed in a sheet of paper, and watch as the printer brings your work to life. It doesn’t matter how close you cut it with your project, you can hand your teacher, boss, or professor your work hot off the presses.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Technology

posted by Patrick Goetzke

The PowerWalk portable charger is a charger that allows you more freedom and independence in your day to day life. Using kinetic energy converting technology, the charger is placed in your shoe and it converts your movement into electrical energy which it then stores. This type of technology is already on display around the world in the form of several sports fields whose floodlights are powered by player movement.The energy can then be used to power any of your mobile devices using our wireless technology and a small plug-in. The user is supplied with endless energy all day.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Technology

posted by Rohan Das

The OMO which stands for online movie theater is an online movie theater service. The goal is to provide a service that caters to the vast majority of Americans who stream movies (60%), yet do not attend movies (only 10%). We will only air movies in theaters and will not be a direct Netflix competitor. Piracy is always an issue and we plan to get around this by having software that detects screen recording. People will be paying $15 for a movie and $20 for ad free. We believe people will love the convenience of staying home and eating their own food. We want $500,000 for a 20% stake.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Investors, Market Analysis, Technology, Communication Strategy

posted by Sarah Strohman

Has your phone ever died and you have no way convenient of recharging it? With the Kineticase, you can charge your phone using kinetic energy. Imagine being able to walk around and recharge your phone in the process! This revolutionary product appeals to the masses and defies the traditional way to charge your phone.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship, Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Technology, Finance and Accounting

The Original Power Walk
posted by Matthew Mehring

An insole that charges your mobile devices as you walk.

industry: Information Technology, Retail and Consumer Products, Energy and Environment

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Technology

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