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posted by Madeline Kodak

A prepared tater tot waffle breakfast packaged in a microwavable plastic wrap which utilizes slits to act as vents. This packaging allows for the Toffles-2-Go breakfast to be put in the microwave in its original packaging, reheated, and eaten all in one packaging for an easy on the go breakfast that is more nutritional than most prepared breakfast options. Toffles-2-Go adds a healthier yet delicious breakfast option with an increase in convenience in preparing it.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Mentors, Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Communication Strategy, Operations and Management, Venue to Pitch Ideas

The Chin Siesta
posted by Katie Moran

Do you like to enjoy a good book while laying on your stomach? Does your hand ever go numb from holding your chin up? If so, The Chin Siesta is perfect for you. This memory foam foundation contours to the shape of your chin providing support and comfort while reading or working, and the rotating base allows you to work from any angle. The structure contributes alignment for the chin and neck, while the silky soft and cushioned liner provides endless relaxation. The trendy, fun, and sophisticated designs and colors match any style. Give your chin a break with the Chin Siesta!

industry: Retail and Consumer Products, Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors, Finance and Accounting, Venue to Pitch Ideas

COVA Connection
posted by Sarah Biscardi

At Villanova University there are over 10 different dining halls and A La Carte dinging options. One of the most popular spots to eat on Campus is Cafe Nova, an A La Carte location that involves touch screens to place an order. Cafe Nova always has the longest line and as a result students wait forever to order and eat food. We have developed an App which allows students to order their food, set their form of payment, and choose a pick up time, allowing them to beat the line and get their meal quickly. We are looking for app developers and dining hall service experts for our product.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Investors, Technology

My Daily Outfit
posted by Collin Brunnock

Men spend about 4 months of their lives choosing their outfits in their lives. Women spend nearly 6 months with the same decision. We are developing an app that will reduce the time and stress of this daily task. The standard version of our app will allow users to easily select outfits based on preference, weather, and daily schedule. Each morning, notifications of our outfit suggestion will be sent to the home screen of your mobile device for your convenience. We are seeking advisors specializing in app development and fashion in addition to assistance in financial logistics.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Mentors, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Finance and Accounting

Climate Control Case
posted by Kathleen Kiley

Has your smart phone ever shut down because of extreme heat or cold? Does it often take a while to stabilize its temperature and turn back on? Having your smartphone shut down suddenly and take several minutes to turn back on can be very inconvenient and even potentially dangerous. If you have ever experienced this problem, we have a quick and affordable solution for you! Introducing the Climate Control Case: our product is like a lifeproof case but with a temperature regulation system. The Climate Control Case maintains a stable temperature within the case so that your phone won’t shut down d

industry: Design Entrepreneurship

needs: Research Partners, Product Development, Investors

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