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posted by Brian Lynch

Protextr is a multi-dimensional mobile application designed to allow the user to protect and archive harmful communications. Everyone loves communicating through text messaging, but it also facilitates cyber-bullying. Protextr can be used to screen texts or voicemails for harmful material. If a message contains threatening language, the app will alert the user and censor the message. The app will also allow the user to block attempts at communication from specified contacts, while preserving the messages for use as evidence. Additionally, the app includes a feature to identify and block spam.

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Technology

posted by Katherine Del Raso

YInvest is a financial planning firm that seeks to help millennials handle their finances through financial planning services aimed at their specific needs. YInvest will help millennials become more financially literate by offering services and advice on various matters such as paying off student loans, saving for retirement, and budgeting. Our approach brings together traditional financial planning services, through advice from certified financial planners (via a CRM platform) combined with instant access to services through the YInvest app and website.

industry: Finance and Investment, Professional Services

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Technology, Operations and Management

Chipotle Delivery
posted by Antonio Unanue

Everyone loves chipotle. Why not have delivery?

industry: Mobile Applications

needs: Team Members, Product Development, Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice

Autonomous Mosquito Annihilator
posted by Dathan Wong

The Autonomous Mosquito Annihilator is a device that attracts mosquitoes and then burns them with a laser.

industry: Retail and Consumer Products

needs: Investors, Market Analysis, Legal Advice, Operations and Management, Venue to Pitch Ideas

The Magic School Bus
posted by Marcos Ambrosi

Every day 25 million children ride 480,000 school buses, which consume more than 820 million gallons of fuel per year (1), generating many emissions that affect our environment and therefore ourselves. Diesel engines are also known for the disruptive noise they produce. Solar-Photovoltaic Powered Buses (SPPB) will provide both a clean means of transport when in use, and energy storage when idle. The best part is they will make the streets quieter. 1. American School Bus Council

industry: Professional Services, Design Entrepreneurship, Energy and Environment

needs: Product Development, Investors, Legal Advice, Technology, Finance and Accounting

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